Fresh Cream and the "Mising" People

Ron is volunteering for three months at Chalice's Assam Sponsor Site, located in Guwahati, India. This is his fourth update about his experiences thus far:
March 30, 2017
Hi All,
I hope you and your family are all well. I understand you had a very mild winter. I am well and enjoying the mild weather in north east India. It has been raining a bit more and the big sand bar in the Brahmaputra river is almost under water.
Brahmaputra RiverYou may recall the following description from Ron's first update: Guwahati is located on the southern bank of the mighty Brahmaputra river, which starts in the south eastern side of China and winds its way through all of Assam and then flows into Bangladesh and on into the Bay of Bengal through the Sundarban forest. During the rainy season (April to August) the river is at its highest and widest levels and I understand one cannot see the opposite shore. The picture (above) shows the river with the water at its lowest level and there is a long and wi…

In Search of My First Home

Ron is volunteering for three months at Chalice's Assam Sponsor Site, located in Guwahati, India. This is his third update about his experiences thus far:
March 5, 2017
Hi All,
I hope you are all well and enjoying the mild weather. The weather here in north east India is very pleasant.
I have been making some day trips into the nearby villages with Sr. Betsy, and when at the base in Guwahati I work in the office helping with some of the accounting records. I also attend Chalice Circle Group meetings which are made up of parents of sponsored children. Knowing some bizarre Hindi and Assamese helps in getting a rough understanding of what is being said. On March 10th we will be going on a 6 day trip to the North East corner of the state. It will be an overnight train ride. Sr. Sheeba [Assam Sponsor Site Director] is enduring severe back pain because of slipped discs and will be going to Leonard Hospital, Tamil Nadu for an operation on March 9th. So, Sr. Betsy has taken on some of her res…

Puppies keep the children warm

Ron is volunteering for three months at Chalice's Assam Sponsor Site, located in Guwahati, India. This is his second update about his experiences thus far:

February 9, 2017

Hi All,

Hope you and your families are all well. I am very busy helping this Chalice site with some of their office work and also St. Betsy with the bigger program, know as the Women Development Centre. I do find time to go for my walks along the river and up the big hill that this convent is built on.  It is quite a high hill and the convent is located at the lower quarter.

A picture of the convent taken from the opposite hill where the Don Bosco Institute (DBI) is located.
The Don Bosco Institute (DBI) was started by Fr. Thomas about 15 years ago and today it is one of the major teaching institutions of Guwahati. It was initially started as a school for poor boys living in villages outside of big towns who did not have easy access to schools. Today it does not only teach the trades but also provides schooling…

A Very Dynamic No-Nonsense Woman

Ron is volunteering for three months at Chalice's Assam Sponsor Site, located in Guwahati, India.  Having arrived on January 17, he shares with his friends and family (and us!) a few words about his experience thus far:
January 23, 2016

Hi All,

Hope you are all well. I am well and getting acquainted with the set-up here; doing as much as I can.

Chalice is one of a few outreach programs that are run by the Holy Cross Sisters in this convent. Their biggest one is the Women's Development Centre (WDC) programs that are provided in 9 WDC sites in Assam and a neighboring state. WDC is headed by Sr. Betsy, a very dynamic no-nonsense woman. There are about 12 thousand women enrolled in their various programs - Empowering of women; Skills Training; Legal Assistance; Domestic Family Issues; Domestic Small Businesses; to name a few. Chalice has a site in this convent and another sub-site at MER which is about  50 km away where they concentrate on helping children with disabilities.

This …

Mission to the Philippines

Unfortunately we’ve had to cancel our mission trip to the Philippines  (scheduled for March 10-25) The security risks have heightened beyond a point with which we are comfortable.  
Please join us in praying for Filipinos.
Chalice is hosting our 14th mission – and it will be our first one to the Philippines!  Please refer to the full mission details.
Mission dates are March 10-25 and will cost approx. $3,100 (including flights, ground transportation, accommodations, meals, and touring Palawan Island).  We’ll be visiting Chalice’s Tondo Sponsor Site, working alongside our partners, learning about their model for sustainable development, and building relationships with the families we serve and other Canadians with a heart for service.
Chalice has worked in the Philippines for 17 years, and this is our fourth year working in Tondo, the most densely populated district of Manila.  It is a vast emerging landfill, with almost 65% of its residents engaging in scavenging, garlic peeling, and odd jo…

Sunday, October 16 - Cañete, Peru

Hola querida familia y amigos!   First of all let me reassure you that we have all arrived safely and are doing very well here in Peru- demos gracias a Dios!  (Thanks be to God!)  Wow – is this ever an amazing adventure!  Our team of 23 members from all over Canada and our many hosts (from Peru and two from the US, doubling as translators), have been busy since the moment we said ‘yes’ to this mission – and life here is even busier!  Every day feels like two days! The people here gave us a phenomenal welcome Sunday night when we arrived in Cañete which really took many of us by surprise!  They must have spent more than the better part of a month preparing this celebration for us, which included singing both their national anthem and ours, as well as performing songs, skits and dances….and of course preparing a feast for us afterwards.  The celebration included many surprises for our team – some shocking, others leaving us very puzzled – and all of them leaving their mark on our hearts i…

Tears on the Road to Peru

What happens when you go up to people you know and ask, “Can you give me $10?”

“Ah, hang on a sec. Let me see,” they’ll say. Or they’ll stick their hand in their pocket, fumble for their wallet, or rummage through the contents of an oversize purse. They’ll scoop the coins from the bottom of the cup holder in their truck. They’ll do almost anything to help you out, and make sure you get at least $10.

Meanwhile, you stand there, grinning slightly, looking everywhere but at them scrounging for coins.
“Thanks,” you say, loading up your pockets. “I’m asking 100 people to do this. To give me $10.”

Math wheels calculate, and you hear them thinking, “That’s a thousand bucks! I should try that,” then they look at you again, and you hear them thinking, “Man, is she that broke?”

You let that idea sink in for 22 seconds. “I’m going on a humanitarian mission, to Peru. I’m trying to raise at least a thousand dollars. The money will go directly to helping these seriously impoverished people we’re g…